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The James Allen Brain Tumour Trust was set up in memory of James Allen who died of a brain tumour on 24th October 2011 after a brave five year battle.  He was 12.  James was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma, a form of brain tumour that though rare, is the commonest form of childhood cancer. 


James was always keen to help others and the Trust has been set up with the objective of helping other children suffering from cancer.  In its first few years the Trust has been focussed on helping children who have to undergo radiotherapy at University College Hospital in London through a variety of support projects.  


The most high profile of these is the provision of superhero masks to children who have to wear masks over their faces when they are undergoing radiotherapy.  A future objective of the Trust is to fund clinical research and patient support projects that are closely connected to James and his treatment.




The James Allen Brain Tumour Trust is administered by the FSI, an umbrella organisation that helps hundreds of small charities with ideas, fund raising and administration.  Being part of the FSI allowed us to get off the ground quickly and brought invaluable experience to the set up and running through the advice of Pauline Broomhead, their fantastic chief executive.  It also brought simple real benefits such as being able to claim gift aid on donations made to the charity from the start. 

Thanks to the efforts of our donors we are now large enough to be set up as an independent charity and we become a fully registered independent charity in 2015. We will continue to rely on the good advice and assistance of the FSI as and when we need it. 



Do not hesitate to get in contact with us and find out about our future plans


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